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Tanzania Cultural Tours

Before or after your Kilimanjaro climb and Safari in Tanzania join us to meet indigenous people and experience the African culture, norms and traditions that will make your adventure unforgettable.

In northern Tanzania, you will find the Maasai and Chagga tribes, beautiful rivers, hot springs and ridges – all offering the best view point of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru.

Tanzania Cultural Tours

Braventure Africa Cultural Tours Offers:

Nature Hike, where you can hike to the local mountain and see the countryside

Study tour, including learning about the lives of the indigenous tribes, what has changed over the years and how the tribes are handling these many changes.

Traditional Food, the food will depend on the particular tribe you are visiting.

  • The Chagga tribe – Eat Machalari (Fresh banana mixed with beef).
  • The Maasai tribe – Eat meat (barbeque meat as well as cooked meat and soup).

Farm Tour (Shamba tour), here you can observe local farmers working in their fields, hoeing the land and keeping their domestic animals.

Both Maasai and Chagga culture tour, including arts & crafts and traditional dance. You will be invited with them to watch the dance and arts and crafts or participate.

Historical information (from our museum), where you can learn about Tanzanian life and surviving.

Kilimanjaro Marangu route Day Hike (Full day tour)

If you don’t have the time or desire to climb to the summit of Kili, and then take opportunity to hike along the Marangu Route to the first base camp in one day. You will hike through the montane rainforest where you can be able to spot black and white Colobus monkeys along the way. When you reach camp, hike around to the Maundi Crater, enjoy your lunch, and then descend for your evening return to Moshi.  This activity can be done with anyone with good physical condition from the age of 10 years and above.  This can be done for the maximum of 10 hours a day.

Materuni village – Coffee Tour & Waterfall Hike (Full day tour)

About 40 minutes driving from Moshi town to Materuni village to experience coffee activities including coffee growing, preparation, roasting and drinking it. Coffee in Tanzania was introduced in numerous regions by the missionaries back in the 19th century. In the North of the country, they chose the arable lands of the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro which is now the coffee-producing center of the country.  This activity may be done for half day or a full day. A full day tour will enable you to do both coffee tour and waterfall trip at no extra charges. This activity is perfect for anyone from 10 years and above

Arusha National Park – Canoeing Tour (Full day tour)
About 2 hours driving from Moshi town to Arusha Park. In the park most people experience a safari in an open-roofed truck, but this activity takes you beyond the usual and allows you to experience the beauty of Tanzania in an open canoe along the waters of Lake Duluti. You will come up close and personal with both land and water wildlife while enjoying the peacefulness of floating along the lake. This activity is perfect for anyone from the age of 10 years and above.

Rundugai village – Hot Springs (Full day tour)

About an hour and a half driving to outside Moshi town to Rundugai village where this beautiful hot spring is located. In the midst of arid desert you find a shaded spring of warm and fresh water, where you can swim and simply relax under the shade of Ficus trees. Sometimes you can even spot monkeys who come to play too. This activity is perfect for anyone from the age of 10 years and above.